Simple Ways to STAGE Your Home Like a Pro

step-by-step workshop TO GET you STARTed:

What is home staging?

You might have heard of home staging—getting your house ready for the sale on the market. Home staging tools make a space look functional, marketable and sellable. Professionally staged homes sell at premium price.

So why do I need to stage my home? Because you want to do it the right way. You cannot afford to have your home on the market more than weeks or even months. The effective and simplest way to get your home sold in less time. 

Simple styling helps to determine classic principles about layout, composition, and arrangement. We have tools and guidelines to help you have your home sold within less time.

Before + After: The Power of Home Staging

BEFORE                                                                        AFTER

BEFORE                                                                        AFTER


Our 1-day workshop with Home Staging Pro® will teach you the skills and provide you the tools to get you STARTED without large investment. More importantly, it saves you time and money to have your home sell faster in less time. Or simply curious how the industry works before investing as a career. This workshop will give you the edge to discover more. 

Realtors, Home Sellers and For Sale by Owners are taking advantage of this workshop because they can save money and speed up their home selling process in less time. 

Who is this for:

REALTORS: Can expand their services, income and referrals to include for their business and to help home sellers. 

HOME SELLERS: Able to source and do it themselves and earn a quicker sale for a higher price.

FSBO (FOR SALE BY OWNER):  Save money and learn the quick tips and tools to have your home sold in a competitive edge. 

Learn Professional Home Staging directly from the expert, Liz Phung, the founder of Home Staging Solutions since 2008. By participating in our workshop, there will be hands-on training options, you will learn to stage homes or listings to look and sell homes faster in less time.

Staging a home for sale does not need to be a long and frustrating process, or require long hours of preparing or spend a lot of time and money to stage for sale. Our workshop is based on three simple principles.

1) Identifying positive and negative functions and aspects of the home.
2) Provide simple solutions to make the home more marketable and sellable.
3) Understand the most efficient way to create balance between the two.

All information is current and in working knowledge based on both past and current experience in staging homes professionally.

With Home Staging Pro®, you will learn to quickly and effectively in how to prepare to market your home the right way.  

  • Selling points through thoughtful furniture arrangement and accessorizing.
  • Create a simple and appealing room-to-room to showcase that will attract more potential buyers.
  • Quick tips and tricks that work to easily resolve many challenges and dilemmas.
  • You will learn to turn any homes or listings into a model home without offending the home owner's taste or lifestyle.
  • Ideas in how to market your home with no overheads along with inside knowledge to set yourself above the competition. 
  • Manual will be provided with tips and resources in how to stage your home.
  • Bonus: A comprehensive checklist will be included and much more!

TOP REALTORS know how to show-off their product to its fullest potential through the power of Home Staging. Some agents won't even list homes without proper home staging.  INTERIOR DESIGNERS are looking to expand their services and income to include home staging as main source. Give yourself a competitive edge by signing up for a Home Staging Pro® workshop, today!


  • All workshops begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. (Offer once a month)
  • This is an information and discussion workshop and will take place at a centralized venue
  • You will receive an workshop itinerary 7-14 days prior to the workshop date with all pertinent information and location.
  • Casual clothing and footwear are preferred as certain venue may be cooler.
  • Refreshments will be provided.

Once your registration has been received, we will follow up by email or phone to verify that we still have space available and your registration is confirmed. Your enrollment in our Workshop is not verified until you receive a confirmation number from us. Space will not be held without payment. You may pay through PayPal, e-transfer or email us directly at info@homestagings.ca with your credit card information.

Spaces are limited. So please do not wait to reserve your space today!

Fees: $449.95



A Home Study Manual : $199

We have put together a manual designed to give you a head-start without the hassle of travelling so you can learn at your own pace, time and space.  

The manual covers both the "How-To" aspects of staging a home, as well as "Business and Marketing," specifically geared toward this unique industry.

Whether you are a Home Seller or potential stager planning to learn from scratch, adding staging to an existing business, or a real estate professional planning to offer this service to your clients, this all in one manual provide step-by-step is exactly the information you need to get you up and running NOW!

What you receive...

1. 150-page + Workbook + Checklist
2. Your Customize Manual
3. Consultation Tips to Sell Home
4. One Coach Support Call
5. Insider Newsletters

Cost: $199

Vacant home | Open house staging tips workshop :

You can use home staging techniques to style your home for a better return. Sometimes it’s easiest to start with the most functional option and then scale it back or modify it to make it practical to sell your home fast.

The staging styling secrets I this series will change the way you stage your home with result.

The staging tools are effective. The series will share simple staging tips you can apply in your home right away for instant results.

7 Stage Secrets You Can Style and Stage in less than an hour.

In this series you'll learn...

  • 5 Essential Types of Techniques You Need to Start Staging Your Home
  • How to Find the Proper Props, Furniture and Artworks For Set Ups
  • 3 Common Staging Mistakes and How to Fix Them with Visual Triangles
  • How to Free Your Countertops and Storage of Visual Clutter-Free
  • How to Stage and Style Your Bathrooms Like a Pro
  • Share tools and tips to stage properly
  • And more!

Once registered, we cannot hold your space longer than three days without payment.


  • Pre-Registration is required.
  • All workshop begins promptly at 9:30 and ends at 12:30 p.m.
  • Doors open at 9:00 a.m.
  • Complimentary refreshments provided
  • Manual provided
  • Limited Seats Available.

Space is limited. Please do not wait to reserve your space today!

Fees: $99


home styling IN 3 EASY STEPs to sell your home

download e-book | $13.99

Avoid and eliminate any challenging spaces in your home. Save money with low-cost, add value to your home.

  • It's convenient and affordable in your time.
  • Practical steps to guide you along       
  • Download within 3 days and e-book is yours forever
  • Before and after pictures
  • Design Board to share your ideas
  • Design sample materials 


Bonus: Try out this FREE space planning to design your room or space on 3D floor plan elevation.

E-Books are in PDF files that need to be downloaded from a link that will be email to you once purchase. The link is valid for 3 days. Once downloaded the e-book, it's yours to keep forever.

E&EO.  For more information, please email us at info@homestagings.ca

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