OUR approach IS SIMPLe:

We have practical proven strategies to help you to attract homebuyers, get maximum return on your home investment and have your home sold in less time with less stress. We also design floor plans for fix and flip or pre-constructions choosing finishes and decors for your new home. 

three simple step process:

  • We assess, consult and help to determine a solution for your home's individual needs. (Initial Consultation)

  • We provide a personalized package, program or options that best fit your criteria. (Options and Repairs)

  • We guide, support and connect you to the right plan to get your home ready on the market. (The Set Up)

complimentary 15 min simple staging session

get started: schedule simple staging session 

Whether you are selling, staying or dwelling, we can help to create the perfect space and provide the guidance in the comfort of your home. Simply click to book a session button below and fill out the form to schedule an appointment. We will have a brief chat on the phone or online at a mutual schedule time zone using, Zoom, Skype or Google Chat session. You'll walk away with tips and ideas to start your home selling process with our initial session.  

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Option1: Virtual STAGING consultation | COACHING

online consultation 5-simple steps | $150+ |1HR

A virtual staging consultation is a walk-through of your home via internet, receiving real-time recommendations and concerns. While it is always better to have an on-site consultation. However a virtual consultation will reduce costs and eliminate scheduling challenges and add convenience.

  • Email to tell us about your staging challenges, dilemma and questions

  • Schedule a time to connect via Zoom for a tour in your home space

  • We will guide and share solutions and ideas in regards to your dilemma

  • Also provide you an action plan after the virtual tour session

* Payment must be made prior scheduled session.

Option 2: STAGe | design consultation

in-house CONSULTATION |2.5HRs |Starts $350+

This is the most recommended service which provides a starting point when preparing a home for sale. During this thorough consultation, you will receive our expert custom plan tailored to your specific property requirements.


  • Guideline and Checklist

  • Report and Proposals

  • Welcome Package

  • Downloadable E-Guide

  • Complete Walk-Through

what is it about:           

A Step by step to get your home started, prepare, stage and ready for the home market. 

  • Establish your needs and criteria

  • We will provide and guide an in-depth assessment of your property

  • You'll walk away with a detail report and recommendations

  • Establish priorities based on timeline, ability and budget

  • Brief Colour consultation will be provided

HSS Plan .png


  • We'll charge $100 for vacant property visit and viewing to compensate our time and service.

  • Payment must be made before scheduled appointment.




Option 3: STAGE | design FOR THE DAY

style, show and sell |condo starts $550+ or house $990+

  • We will get your house or listing ready

  • Welcome Package + checklist

  • Guide you from room to room

  • Stage with your own furnishings + decor

  • Help you showcase key selling features

  • Downloadable E-Guide

  • 1 Follow up call

This is hands on approach service provided to make use of your time. We do not provide furniture, accessories, packing or move heavy furniture for this service. Deposit required prior to scheduled service.

We encourage you to visit our portfolio to view sample of our projects. 

full service:

start to finish | inquire for more details 

Whether it's a condo, loft or luxury home or an estate, we give every property a personalized designer's perspective.

We will assess individual homes with recommended strategies that will enhance and add visual interest to each space for proper presentation and maximize its value. These range from layout, floor, lighting, furniture choices, artwork to finishing touches. 

We will help you to coordinate through this process and refer sources that will prepare your home ready for the market, including renovations, photography, painting, landscaping and repairs if needed. Our projects fees varies. We take pride in customizing each property to match the caliber of your home's lifestyle design.

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PARTNER or affiliate PROGRAM: 

We offer tools for you to incorporate into your listing presentation. Referral program available for valued clients and business partners. Please inquire for more details.  Click here. 

Do you have a staging or design dilemma? Provide us a picture and try out Virtual Staging link.

Whatever challenges you have, we are here help you to set a plan, get started to attract the right buyers for your home.



Home Staging can maximize your home equity value in the shortest time. 

When it comes to selling, investing or renting your property, there’s one thing to keep in mind: people don’t buy or rent houses, they buy and rent "HOMES". Our goal is to make it easier and attract potential buyers for a faster sale.


** FEES may varied and will change and reflect on individual's request, requirements and size of property. Generally fees are between .5% to 1% of listing price.  E&EO.  For more information, please email us at info@homestagings.ca


Let us know how we can assist.