Are You Hiring the Right Stager?

Assured you do your due diligence when hire the right Home Stager to showcased your hard earned property. So you have to be wise while deciding on who to hire.

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Here are most 5 common mistakes homeowners make when looking for a Certified Professional Home Stager.

  • Avoid a low-priced Stager

You're in the position to make a considerable profit to sell your home by working with a home Stager does her/his job right. We all have a budget. The fee that the home Stager charges shouldn't be your biggest concern. Why? Because while saving a few hundreds on their fees you can loose tens of thousands in sale if it’s not done right. The expense of hiring a home Stager is simply your investment in the sale of your greatest asset, so invest right for the optimal profit. Professional Stagers typically charge from $150 to $275 for the initial consultation. Be cautious if your potential Stager charged considerably smaller fee. Rates will vary depending on your area and the Stager’s experience, do avoids who charges a minimal fee.

  • It’s Not all About Titles and Credentials

There is no actual "credentials” for staging accreditation, or certification that really exist in the home staging industry for this unlicensed field. However, there are training to ensure the experts to have right tools to do their job. The letters you see after a home Stagers’ names simply come from a particular home staging training institution that advertise them as part of their marketing strategy and training. What you have to do instead - is to look at the people’s reviews, before and after photos, and real estate knowledge. 

  • Verify Their Work

If you work with someone who is well know in their area or who have a presence in the industry, you’re hiring the right professional. You want to see how they market themselves through their social media tools etc. A professional portfolio with before and after photos is required. It’s the only proof you’ll know what kind of results you can expect from their work? If you can’t find a particular home stager’s website or any online proof of their work, you should question how serious they are about their business. 

  • Remember Reviews and References

Read through the reviews you’ll find on their Website. If there are none available, contact the Stager and ask for their references. You shouldn’t hire someone to stage your property without hearing about others’ experiences with them. Practical experience is a must and a good testimonial builds trust. 

  • Their Knowledge of the Real Estate Market

Be Understand you're not looking for just an interior decorator or an Interior Design projects, however should be well rounded in design work. However, ensure the stager is familiar with the local real estate market. A home stager is as much a part of the real estate transaction as a real estate agent, and they should have a good idea of the current market. If a stager doesn’t know how much homes usually sell for and how long they typically sit on the market, you should be question that.