Tips Turning Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary Oasis

Often times, your bedroom oasis, a comfortable place to relax, recharge and should feels like a retreat. It is also where you probably spend the most most time between sleeping, getting dressed and lounging in bed with a great book or show. As it gets cooler, we spend more time indoor, so create the bedroom sanctuary you've always wanted with these five tips. 

1. Choose Your Color Wisely.

Hot pink may be your favourite color, but do you really want it all over the walls? Color is a powerful influencer and can really affect the mood and tone of your bedroom, so go for hues that evoke a look and feel you'll want to experience everyday. If you want something more airy and serene, opt for neutrals. If you want a brighter, bolder aesthetic, consider using that hot pink as an accent colour in a lamp shade or vase. 

2. Do-It-Yourself.

There's nothing like homemade personal touches to make the space feel truly your own. Pick out a fabric you love and make a beautiful case for a decorative pillow. Customize a wooden picture frame with a fun paint color and textured stain. Repurpose an antique family heirloom or garage sale find. Whether you're a DIY pro or can't sew a button to save your life, there's a project you can master. 

If you’re having a lot of out of town guests, include something from a favourite local restaurant or bakery. This checks something off your menu and gives guests a taste of something new!

3. Spotlight Your Passion.

Animal, photography, fashion, movies- whatever you love, you'll love your room that much more if it's  included. Incorporating a few subtle touches is the key to keeping things fresh and stylish rather than gimmicky and overbearing. Use monochromatic images or frame prints in classic colours like white and black.

4. Deck with the Window.

You've  heard that a good mattress is the best investment you'll ever make but  a quality window treatment is just as important. Never get out of bed again to se the right lighting with Powerview Motorization. Use energy-efficient solution lets you control and schedule your window treatments to adjust automatically, creating the perfect bedroom ambiance day or night.

5. Finish Off with Soothing Touches.

Complete your sanctuary with comforting accessories that appeal to your senses, like scented candles, cozy blankets and a plush duvet.