The Holiday Without Stress


It’s time of the year that everyone is excited for some holiday spirit and get ready to decorate for some fun, food and festivities. It does not have to be stressful. Here are simple things to turn your Holiday into a breeze.

Decorate With Less Stress:  

Light up with simple festive candlelight in one space to spark some joy with less hassle. No need to spend too much or overdo the decor in your home. We may end up struggling to find more storage space to store it after when the holiday is over. Consider simple fresh flowers, evergreen wreaths and candles as centre piece, they can make a beautiful holiday statement piece.

Reduce the Items:  

Sometimes when we overdo with the decoration around our house, not only it will appear cluttered and busy, it also lead to stress and cause feeling overwhelmed. Limit and simplify your decorating items, choice and colors to one theme. Try to have a few simple, beautiful and elegant pieces to set the scene. It’s better to take your time, no need to feel rushed, you’ll get more done this way.  Let go of things that does not serve or support your choices.

Remember to Take Time for Yourself: 

Take some time, sit back, relax and listen to your favourite jingles or holiday music while you plan this holiday. Or go outside, take a walk and connect with nature for little inspiration. Consider have a walking buddy, nurture your friendship and enjoy a nice walk together over a simple chat. It’s beneficial to both our physical, emotional, mental and well-being.

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Enjoy. Happy Holidays.

Cheers to the New Year :)

Are You Hiring the Right Stager?

Assured you do your due diligence when hire the right Home Stager to showcased your hard earned property. So you have to be wise while deciding on who to hire.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.51.40 PM.png

Here are most 5 common mistakes homeowners make when looking for a Certified Professional Home Stager.

  • Avoid a low-priced Stager

You're in the position to make a considerable profit to sell your home by working with a home Stager does her/his job right. We all have a budget. The fee that the home Stager charges shouldn't be your biggest concern. Why? Because while saving a few hundreds on their fees you can loose tens of thousands in sale if it’s not done right. The expense of hiring a home Stager is simply your investment in the sale of your greatest asset, so invest right for the optimal profit. Professional Stagers typically charge from $150 to $275 for the initial consultation. Be cautious if your potential Stager charged considerably smaller fee. Rates will vary depending on your area and the Stager’s experience, do avoids who charges a minimal fee.

  • It’s Not all About Titles and Credentials

There is no actual "credentials” for staging accreditation, or certification that really exist in the home staging industry for this unlicensed field. However, there are training to ensure the experts to have right tools to do their job. The letters you see after a home Stagers’ names simply come from a particular home staging training institution that advertise them as part of their marketing strategy and training. What you have to do instead - is to look at the people’s reviews, before and after photos, and real estate knowledge. 

  • Verify Their Work

If you work with someone who is well know in their area or who have a presence in the industry, you’re hiring the right professional. You want to see how they market themselves through their social media tools etc. A professional portfolio with before and after photos is required. It’s the only proof you’ll know what kind of results you can expect from their work? If you can’t find a particular home stager’s website or any online proof of their work, you should question how serious they are about their business. 

  • Remember Reviews and References

Read through the reviews you’ll find on their Website. If there are none available, contact the Stager and ask for their references. You shouldn’t hire someone to stage your property without hearing about others’ experiences with them. Practical experience is a must and a good testimonial builds trust. 

  • Their Knowledge of the Real Estate Market

Be Understand you're not looking for just an interior decorator or an Interior Design projects, however should be well rounded in design work. However, ensure the stager is familiar with the local real estate market. A home stager is as much a part of the real estate transaction as a real estate agent, and they should have a good idea of the current market. If a stager doesn’t know how much homes usually sell for and how long they typically sit on the market, you should be question that. 

9 Inexpensive Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Here are some of these inexpensive ways to prepare your home for sale for higher returns on the sale of your property.  A little effort, time and a few bucks can go a long way.


Often sellers have an idea for awhile or even up to a year or more that they will be selling.  This will allow you to prepare your home at a more leisurely pace rather than deal with all the preparation and stress when time comes.


Sparkling a home will always impress a buyer who walk into the house.  Hardly anyone complains about a clean home.  Maybe you can’t afford to do any repairs or renovations, cleaning your home would be a great start. Allow lots of natural light in.


We all talk about declutter the space for more room. Pack up or throw away all your seasonal items as well as items you aren’t using.  While furnished homes sell better than vacant homes, less is more.  Simply find a space or boxed them up and put them in storage.  A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used something in 2 years, toss it!!


Storage is one of the important space to buyers.  If your closets are overflowing buyers will have a hard time seeing how they can fit all of their belongings in your home.   If you can clean, organize and sort out your closets down to 2/3rds full it will allow the buyer to see the storage working for their needs.  This extends to your kitchen cabinets, drawers and even your refrigerator.


Nothing can turn off a buyer more than a smell they dislike.  The fear is they won’t be able to remove it.  It could be pet smells, the smell of mildew, cooking smells, etc…  You may want to use a diffuser with lemongrass essential oil scent or boil water with cinnamon sticks, lime and a drop of vanilla to freshen up the rooms.


If your paint job is in good shape and the colors are already neutral, walk through and touch up any spots that may need attention. Give your buyers a clean neutral palette to work with. When selling your home nothing gives a greater return than a fresh neutral paint job.


When it comes time to sell your house, it's always best to depersonalize and minimize.  Leave enough furniture to define a room but make sure you open up the flow and space.  It will help buyers feel more spacious. It allow buyers to take ownership of the room.  Become a minimalist with your furniture when preparing to sell.  Again you are selling spaces, not your stuff. Remember less is definitely more.


Home buyers may need a little help.  Make sure each room has a clearly defined use as well as use them for their intended use.  A bedroom should look like a bedroom, not into a gym full of equipment.  Often if you don’t define spaces you leave buyers confused.  For example what defines a bedroom is simply a bed with a nightstand and a table lamp and a small dresser, that’s it.  Nothing else is needed to define a bedroom space, yet, it tells the buyer what the room is.


There are many great suppliers and resources out there to buy light fixtures, faucets and cabinet hardware. It's easy and inexpensive. Replacing some outdated fixtures can really give new look to freshen up your home and more appealing to buyers. Consider swapping out or switch an outlet plates that are outdated or rusty.


Window treatment can be highly personalized and certainly can impede the natural light getting in.  Consider removing heavy draperies and if you feel you need privacy, use simple sheers pulled aside instead.  Certainly nothing is wrong with having absolutely no window treatments at all.  Keep it simple and make sure you let lots of the natural light into your space.


Hopefully this post has provided you with some very inexpensive ways to prepare your home for your upcoming sale.  Sometimes small thing can provide a big impact either in your return on dollars or it will make selling your home much easier with less aggravation.  Again, schedule with your experience Certified Home Stager in early so they can help and provide you valuable recommendation so you can decide what is the most bang for your buck.  Happy Selling.


Top 3 Habits of Organized People

lake office.png

Even a perfectionist organizer doesn't come naturally to you. Big changes often come from small adjustments. Try out the following habits to help you organized your life and work at home. 

1. Practice putting things back where they are.

Try to organize your work space so that every component is in the right place. Design your space before you begin working to optimize your workflow and improve efficiency. It takes time and diligence but pays off when it is easier to find when you need them. 

2. Take 15 minutes every day to organize.

It doesn't matter what it is or whether you finish, small steps add up over time to create greater organization over the long-term.

3. Find small ways to reduce distractions.

A solution as simple as choosing a piece of clothing wear for your day's work can improve your ability to concentrate. Or even preparing for a healthy meals is relaxing and satisfying. Choose to simplify. 

Tips Turning Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary Oasis

Often times, your bedroom oasis, a comfortable place to relax, recharge and should feels like a retreat. It is also where you probably spend the most most time between sleeping, getting dressed and lounging in bed with a great book or show. As it gets cooler, we spend more time indoor, so create the bedroom sanctuary you've always wanted with these five tips. 

1. Choose Your Color Wisely.

Hot pink may be your favourite color, but do you really want it all over the walls? Color is a powerful influencer and can really affect the mood and tone of your bedroom, so go for hues that evoke a look and feel you'll want to experience everyday. If you want something more airy and serene, opt for neutrals. If you want a brighter, bolder aesthetic, consider using that hot pink as an accent colour in a lamp shade or vase. 

2. Do-It-Yourself.

There's nothing like homemade personal touches to make the space feel truly your own. Pick out a fabric you love and make a beautiful case for a decorative pillow. Customize a wooden picture frame with a fun paint color and textured stain. Repurpose an antique family heirloom or garage sale find. Whether you're a DIY pro or can't sew a button to save your life, there's a project you can master. 

If you’re having a lot of out of town guests, include something from a favourite local restaurant or bakery. This checks something off your menu and gives guests a taste of something new!

3. Spotlight Your Passion.

Animal, photography, fashion, movies- whatever you love, you'll love your room that much more if it's  included. Incorporating a few subtle touches is the key to keeping things fresh and stylish rather than gimmicky and overbearing. Use monochromatic images or frame prints in classic colours like white and black.

4. Deck with the Window.

You've  heard that a good mattress is the best investment you'll ever make but  a quality window treatment is just as important. Never get out of bed again to se the right lighting with Powerview Motorization. Use energy-efficient solution lets you control and schedule your window treatments to adjust automatically, creating the perfect bedroom ambiance day or night.

5. Finish Off with Soothing Touches.

Complete your sanctuary with comforting accessories that appeal to your senses, like scented candles, cozy blankets and a plush duvet.