Tips Turning Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary Oasis

Often times, your bedroom oasis, a comfortable place to relax, recharge and should feels like a retreat. It is also where you probably spend the most most time between sleeping, getting dressed and lounging in bed with a great book or show. As it gets cooler, we spend more time indoor, so create the bedroom sanctuary you've always wanted with these five tips. 

1. Choose Your Color Wisely.

Hot pink may be your favourite color, but do you really want it all over the walls? Color is a powerful influencer and can really affect the mood and tone of your bedroom, so go for hues that evoke a look and feel you'll want to experience everyday. If you want something more airy and serene, opt for neutrals. If you want a brighter, bolder aesthetic, consider using that hot pink as an accent colour in a lamp shade or vase. 

2. Do-It-Yourself.

There's nothing like homemade personal touches to make the space feel truly your own. Pick out a fabric you love and make a beautiful case for a decorative pillow. Customize a wooden picture frame with a fun paint color and textured stain. Repurpose an antique family heirloom or garage sale find. Whether you're a DIY pro or can't sew a button to save your life, there's a project you can master. 

If you’re having a lot of out of town guests, include something from a favourite local restaurant or bakery. This checks something off your menu and gives guests a taste of something new!

3. Spotlight Your Passion.

Animal, photography, fashion, movies- whatever you love, you'll love your room that much more if it's  included. Incorporating a few subtle touches is the key to keeping things fresh and stylish rather than gimmicky and overbearing. Use monochromatic images or frame prints in classic colours like white and black.

4. Deck with the Window.

You've  heard that a good mattress is the best investment you'll ever make but  a quality window treatment is just as important. Never get out of bed again to se the right lighting with Powerview Motorization. Use energy-efficient solution lets you control and schedule your window treatments to adjust automatically, creating the perfect bedroom ambiance day or night.

5. Finish Off with Soothing Touches.

Complete your sanctuary with comforting accessories that appeal to your senses, like scented candles, cozy blankets and a plush duvet. 


Stress-Free Thanksgiving Day


Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be a daunting task for any seasoned chef. But with a few simple planning techniques and the right amount of help, you'll focus less on the details and more on enjoying the process and a tasty outcome. Here are five easy ways to make sure your Thanksgiving dinner goes off without any flaws.

1. Plan ahead

Have a clear plan ahead, festivities can be easily get off course and create stress and distractions. Make sure you have enough room to accommodate everyone of your guests to ensure a smooth process. Tip: Make sure any allergies or dietary restrictions are on your radar prior to developing the menu.

2. Keep it simple

No need to bother with complicated recipes and over the top decor you see in magazines and stay focused on classic set ups. Thanksgiving is not the day to experiment, so think about what it can realistically be done in the amount of time give and stick to what you do best. 

3. Prepare what you can in advance

Cooking a large dinner is all about timing and capturing the right flow between each dish can be tricky. Eliminate some of the pressure by setting the table early or preparing part of the meal ahead of time.  

4. Ask the help of others

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner doesn't mean having to do it alone. Asking guests to bring a small dish or their choice not only takes some of the pressure off you, but also helps guest feel that they've contributed to the meal. If it becomes too complicated, don't turn down help when it's time to clean up either.  Remember to be grateful and thank them. 

5. Finish on a sweet note 

The end of the meal is important as the beginning, so treat your guests to a delicious cup of tea and dessert without having to leave the table. Queue to each of your guests' orders right at the table with fully customize drink options to choose from. You will be glad you did.

9 Ways to Survive and Thrive During the Holidays

I've always enjoy a full house during the holidays. It's normal to feel little overwhelmed at times with gifts to give, party to plan and meals to make, especially with too many people in the kitchen. Sometimes we may live in a space that may not be easily to entertain. It’s much easier to make the whole house smell great. But I’m a firm believer that it’s not only the space that makes people feel welcome, it’s the environment and the people. As the season is here for more holiday gathering. Here are few simple tips to incorporate into your hosting habits to make the most of your space. 

1. Don’t go overboard on the invitations.

Be realistic with your guests invitation. Make sure you have enough room to accommodate them whether it’s on a floor cushion or at the table, make sure everyone has a seat. 

2. Remember to delegate and outsource.

Most people enjoy to contribute, so no need to do everything yourself. Delegate a few side dishes or desserts to free up your own kitchen space, dishes, etc. If you have an ideal menu, feel free to assign specific dishes.

If you’re having a lot of out of town guests, include something from a favourite local restaurant or bakery. This checks something off your menu and gives guests a taste of something new!

3. Preparation is the key.

Prepare in advance as much as possible. This frees up some hiccups or in case something goes wrong. Leave some space in your schedule, allowing you to mingle with the guests a bit more. 

4. Clear shelf space.

Clear off a few shelves or other surfaces to give drinks and small plates a place to rest.

5. Don’t go crazy with the decorations. 

Simply adding a few fresh greens or simple arrangements to your existing decor will liven up the place without adding to the clutter.

6. Make room for coats.

Clear a space (maybe in your own closest!) for coats, hats, etc. 

7. Make a drink station.

We like to have a drink station outside of the kitchen so guests can feel free to help themselves — this also decreases kitchen traffic and gives folks a “first stop” to move out of the doorway.

8. Determine who you are entertaining.

Some guests may bring a child to your invitation. Consider have a game ready to accommodate the child, it gives some peace of mind knowing their kiddos are entertained and not getting into things they shouldn’t be. 

9. Consider some outdoor activities.

Have a few activities for people to enjoy outside, or build in some time after supper for a short walk outside to stretch legs and change up the environment. Remember you need to relax and enjoy the holidays too. 

Enjoy.  Happy Holidays!

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10 Tips to Refresh and Have Your Home Ready for Sale



Selling your home is very different than living in your home.  Therefore you need to take necessary steps to package it well.

1) Less is better

Move and eliminate any large items or personal belongings and collections

2) Curb appeal is always important

Trim or cut grass around the house

3) Light it up

Brighter is always better and allow or expose all natural light to enter into the home

4) Repairs and fix-ups

Repair any cracks, replace burnt bulbs, touch up on handles and fixtures

5) Paint  

Choose neutral colors for walls and accent color for furniture 

6) Organize

Organize closets, cupboards or bookshelves in orderly function

7) De-personalize

 Eliminate any personal collections and collectables to maintain clutter-free environment

8) Space Optimization  

Remove furniture that might affect the function and flow of the space

9) Storage

Today's buyers are looking for more storage space. Extra storage space sells. Eliminate unused items. 

10) Spark it up

Clean and more cleaning, the least you could do is to spark up your bathroom and kitchen

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Small Space Challenges

Big or small, a well-designed space begins with a good plan. Measure your space, taking note of important areas such as the outlets, light fixtures and structural obstructions like the bulkheads and columns. Take thes measurements and input them into online planning tool like Icovia ( This tool allows you to insert furnishings, change their sizes and generate a shopping list with exact measurements. Keep proportions in mind when planning the layout of your furniture and don't be shy to take painter's tape to the floor to visually block out how your furniture will fit. 

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