Founder and creator of Home Staging Solutions since 2008. She has helped over thousands of Realtors and Home Sellers to find simple solutions and maximize their home equity values in less time. Liz has an aspiring vision to help people to live more mindfully and to create a happy and harmonious home environment. Her passion in design and path to personal growth has been a humble joy. Liz' background in Interior Design and Floral Design along with experiences in marketing and project renovations to Real Estate investments has gain the competitive edge in the industry. She's also a Certified Stager with Canadian Staging Professionals and gain inspirations from many Interior Designers and mentored by other business influential leaders and entrepreneurs. Liz continues to strive and expand her expertise to serve within the community.

"Help people live and feel better to what matters most."  





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the 'WHY' behind what liz Does:

Liz always enjoy sharing insights and create comfort to help people live with style and functionality. Sometimes it's the simplest things that matter most in our home and in life.  Her goal is to provide guidance and support with personal touch when you feel stuck. She will help you to discover ways to properly transform your house into a cozy home to add value and meaning into any living spaces. 


Each home has its unique characteristics and challenges.  Liz brings her personal perspectives, skills, talents and style to each property she works on. She continues to find creative and innovative ideas to serve and deliver with results. 

Her inspirations comes from different travel destinations, architectural perspectives, arts and music influences from various cultures and experiences.  Her unique styles and skills will help you to connect and create better living spaces. 


Also featured in "Staging for Dummies" and other publications.

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With the combine years of design experiences, an appreciation of current trends in industry and the knowledge of the home buying process, we can help to create inviting spaces with an appeal to attract more buyers for you.


"I was reluctant to stage my home, however very pleased with Liz. She could not have done a better job and was worth every single penny.  She truly puts her heart and soul into her work and it shows."  - Meryl and Stan G.

"My Realtor recommended Liz not only for her professionalism but also for her creative skills and meeting clients needs. She not only transformed my home in the most efficient way, she made it shine with her magic touch. My home was sold in 5 days. I was more than thrilled.  Always a pleasure working with Liz."  - Helen L. 



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